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A Clear Approach to Web Site Success

by Lynn Eriksen 

Web Site Navigation

Web Site Naviation - Starts at the home page.

Web site navigation requires the visitor to start on your home page.

Search Engine Results

Search Engine Results - Every Page is Equal

Search engine results allow a user to start at any page on your web site.

Creating an effective web site can be exciting and rewarding. Take the telephone, written mail, information forms, audio, video, put them all in the blender and that's what the web has to offer. Having informative content and useful features work together to make your site successful.

Content is like a Fishing Net for Visitors

Most people thinkof a web site starting at the home page and linking inwards. But once a search engine indexes your site, there's no telling what page a vistior will enter your site at.

  • Every page on your web site is an opportunity to connect with a new customer or friend.

Ongoing creation of content for you web site increases your odds of being found. Just like a fishing net, the larger your net the better your odds of catching a customer or friend.

Features are the Heart and Soul of Your Web Site

You web site is more than just an ad. Your web site can be a destination for getting in touch, buying products, starting a discussion, finding out the news and more.

  • Features empower users to interact with you at their own convenience.

A good plan for creating and expanding your web site features can keep users coming back to do more business or be apart of your community.


Creating a successful web site needs a plan for content and features. Read more about our web site design process or check out or web hosting and desigm services.


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