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Affordable, Quality Stock Photography
for your Web Site

by Lynn Eriksen 

"How do you get those great looking photos for your web site?" asks a client.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's a secret," you tell them.

Stock Photo for Programming
Stock Photo For Thinking Outside the Box
Stock Photo for Solving Problems
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to view at

"Here is the good news, the secret to great stock photography is that it's easy and does not have to be expensive. Your site will look fresh. Your customers will be impressed, and ... "

"Okay, enough already. What is the secret? And where can I find them on the web?" is the best place I have found on the web to buy stock photos thus far, and it can be a secret just between you and I. Here is a list of features that makes this a great place to get your photos:

  • No Membership to Search

    That is correct. If you want to find out what they have then you are free to roam the whole site. You only need to create a membership if you want to keep photos. And your membership is free.

  • Lightboxes are Fantastic

    LightBoxes are like a shopping cart for photos, and you create a Lightbox for each project you have. Not only is it easy to add a photo to a Lightbox, but you can buy the contents of a LightBox in a single purchase.

  • Photo Statistics

    When browsing photos you can use the download and view counts to determine their probability of being unique. No more guess work on if your getting an exclusive picture.

  • Great Price on Web Photos

    The internet has revolutionized the delivery of stock photography and passes the savings on to you. Photos with sizes suitable for the web can be often purchased for 1 or 2 dollars.

We have used photos purchased from iStockPhoto on our web site with great satisfaction. Best of all, finding photos that fit the style and mood were easy to find using their powerful search engine. We highly recommend iStockPhoto as a tool to improve you web site.



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