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When most people think of e-commerce they think something like But what if you only have a few items to sell, and you don’t have a big budget for a large web site?

Paypal Shopping Cart:
Simple E-commerce on a Budget

by Lynn Eriksen 

The Paypal Shopping Cart is very low cost and easy to use. In fact, if you can put your product information on a web page the Paypal Shopping Cart can work for you.

What’s involved?

Getting setup with Paypal is easy. All you need is an e-mail address and your bank account routing address and you're ready to go. When you sign up you'll want to register your account as a 'Premier Account' which allows you to use the shopping cart.

When your ready to set up your shopping cart, Paypal has services to create products and set up your shipping and tax preferences.

How does it work?

A customer clicks on an 'Add to Cart' button that opens a new browser window that displays a 'View Cart' page. The 'View Cart' page allows for the user to view and remove items, checkout their cart, and/or return to shopping. Payment is made in a secure manner on the Paypal web site, using the same type of security that online retailers such as and online banking services use. In addition payment can be made using credit card or Paypal account. Supporters can be optionally sent back to your web site after the transaction is completed.

Can I get it custom?

Your products can have different buttons, advanced features and a look completely suited to your web site. The appearance of the Paypal shopping cart can be customized, but the changes you can make are more limited than you can make on your own web site.

Can I see Good Examples?

You can see good examples of the Paypal shopping cart on and


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