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by Lynn Eriksen 


Screen Shots

The Quotesheet

ROSE project

GFQ forms has some of the most innovative mortgage web tools on the internet today. Our on going work with them has focused on direct marketing tools, business workflow, and customer relationships. Our relationship with them allows for a web site that is always changing with their business model.

The Quotesheet

The original web tool for is their marketing quotesheet. More than just a basic mortgage calculator, the quotesheet supplies information on their active programs with daily updated rates based. Programs are recommended based on sales price and other variables, but prospective buyers and realtors can select the programs they are most interested in. Designed to be printer-friendly, the quotesheet is often used by realtors as a personalized marketing tool they can share with potential buyers on site.

The ROSE Project

Finding new business relationships has an been a major focus as well. has pioneered the ROSE project which is designed to let qualified individuals act as loan officers from remote locations. The ROSE project features a 7 step process that is facilitated through a special secure web site. Remote loan officers have custom tools to assist them through the loan process and loan processors work with them along the way to close a loan. The entire loan process is facilitated over the internet.

Good Faith Quotesheet (GFQ)

The flagship project of Sweetwater Mortgage is a new customer relationship tool based on the aforementioned quotesheet technology. Needing a faster way to get flexible offers to their customers, has developed the Good Faith Quotesheet (GFQ) which allows them to send very detailed information to customers regarding what programs they qualify for with specific pricing details. Loan officers use a special form to manage the GFQ data in a secure way. Customers can use the information to keep track of rates and fees, investigate other programs, ask questions and to begin the loan process.




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