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Our Web Site Design Process

by Lynn Eriksen 

You Need a Good Plan for a Web Site

Like any good vacation, the process of creating a web site works best when you have a general plan while leaving room for ideas along the journey. Below are a few points that contribute toward creating a good plan for your web site.

  • A well designed web site is a place for ongoing communication with audience.
  • Flexible plans allow you to meet your audience’s changing interests and needs.
  • Relevant, frequently updated content gives you an active appearance and helps with search engine placement.
  • Features that allow for business process or community participation keep visitors returning.

Which ways to connect?

There are more ways to inform your audience than text. Here are a few:

  • Pictures, audio, and video help tell your story with greater clarity.
  • Contact forms and you to take information requests.
  • blogging allows you to start conversations with your audience.
  • A Shopping Cart can move your products.
  • Custom features can help you stand out from your competition.
  • E-mail lists can broadcast your message to subscribers.
  • Web feeds allow customers to stay informed at their convenience.

What's In, What Waits, and What’s Out?

Having a feature priority list helps your site get moving faster and contributes toward shaping long term goals. A web site expert can help your create a list of features can create an estimate. Use the estimate process for prioritizing features to build now, wait on or eliminate all together. It's okay to go through the estimate process more than once as it will help refine features and create a more accurate indicator of time and budget requirements for the project.

Build, Revise, Repeat

Web site construction often uses a build-feedback process.

  • Stopping points allow you to review the building progress.
  • Revise features that need a bit of tweaking or a new direction.
  • Your feedback results in plan revisions and possible updates to estimates.
  • The build-revise process repeats until completion.

What' Next?

Success with a web site is as much a part of having a good plan as it is having unique, stand apart features. An ongoing update and/or expansion of your features serves to draw users into your business or community as a part of their typical web experience. Have a plan to keep your web site fresh with new content and listen to your customers for ideas for new features.


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