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What is Podcasting?

by Lynn Eriksen

What is Podcasting?

What podcasting does is allows for a visitor to subscribe to audio (or video) content much like you would subscribe to a magazine. What makes podcasting so attractive is that the audio (or video) files are automatically downloaded to visitors computer without the need for revisiting the web site.  There are three simple steps:

  1. Make the audio and podcast text file.
  2. Put the audio, podcast file on line.
  3. Visitors link to the podcast with their computer.

It's that simple.  

Free or Paid Subscription?

The vast majority of podcasts on the internet are free. However there are some that require a paid monthly subscription. A free podcast only requires updating the text file that makes it work. Any visitor can subscribe.  A paid subscription podcast requires a larger feature set. It requires the ability to 1) create and maintain a  membership, 2) make payments for membership, 3) track membership payments, 4) secure the podcast files so that only current paid members can download files.  

How do I update it?

Creating a podcast can be done with or without administration.  

If you are planning on adding new audio files infrequently (once a week to once a month) the podcast text file can be updated manually. If you are planning on adding new audio files daily and/or you would like to maintain multiple, a administration can make this management easier for you.

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