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Web Site Appearance and OrganizationGood design is not necessarily complicated. A good web design is both attractive well organized. A web site should target your desired visitor and search engine optimized.

Simple Web Design is Better

A good design should never distract from the site content and features. It should draw the visitors eye to the most important items.

  • Don't make the visitor guess

    Stick with standard navigation concepts such as links, buttons, etc.

  • Be generous with white-space

    Avoid clutter and give visitors a better experience by allowing plenty of space between elements on the page.

  • Use context navigation

    Provide usable content with contextual links. When you make content text into hyperlinks  it allows the visitor to visit related items.  Good content  with links are important to the major search engines rankings such as Yahoo and Google.  View our services home page as an example.

  • Design for Search Engines

    Search Engine Optimization is not a secret. Infact, it is a good web design process. We can search engine optimze your web site when we build it. Read more about search engine optimization in web design.

The idea of Less is More is often rewarding. Good design is subjective, but an attractive, useable, easy to use web site makes a great first impression.

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