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Web HostingOur hosting packages cost as little as $10 a month.  
All hosting packages include fast access, powerful Microsoft Windows 2003 servers, spam filtered e-mail, and dedicated FTP.

Cut the SPAM! Our e-mail admin dashboard lets you control spam per user account. You can add, delete and change e-mail addresses as needed. Web hosting is powered by Microsoft and mysql 5.x.  with a very fast, dedicated fiber internet connection.




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Web Hosting Comparison Grid

@ This Grid    Monthly Cost | Domain Name | File Storage | E-Mail Services | Application Services
Monthly Cost $10 $35 $45 $85
May pay monthly
Domain Name        
Custom domain name
Custom domain name w/ dedicated IP address
allows for SSL encryption
File Storage        
Disk Space (MB) 600 1000 1500 3000
Unlimited FTP (24/7)
Backup (per week) 1 1 1 2
E-mail Services        
E-mail Accounts 7 30 60 Unlimited
E-mail Forwarding/Aliases 1 14 50 Unlimited
Web Mail (Browser-based e-mail access)
Web Mail Admin (Browser-based e-mail admin)
Spam Filter
Application Services        
Basic HTML hosting
Microsoft ASP.NET (includes classic ASP)  
Microsoft Access support (odbc or oledb)  
MySQL 1 1 1 Multiple


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