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Setup process for Outlook

(Note: this tutorial is based on Outlook 2003 for setting up POP3 accounts. If you are using a different version of Outlook your experience may differ. If you are using Microsoft Exchange, contact your organization's IT (Information Technology) department/administrator.)

E-mail Account Setup (POP3)

1) Open up Outlook. If you are using Windows, you should be able to find in the Start menu under All Programs.

2) Once Outlook is open, click on the Tools menu at the top, and the select the E-mail Accounts option.

3) This will open the E-mail Accounts Wizard. On step 1, choose Add a new e-mail account under the e-mail section. Then click Next.

4) On step 2, choose POP3, then click Next.

5) Step 3 takes in all the essential e-mail account information. Under User Information enter your name and e-mail address. Under Server Information enter for both the Incoming and Outgoing mail server. For Logon Information enter you e-mail address for User Name, and your e-mail account Password.

If you want to change the number of days that mail is left on the server or other setting, click the More Settings ... button.

Under the Delivery section which allows you to keep a copy of you e-mail on the server for a number of days. This is useful if you often use multiple e-mail clients to check you e-mail account with and you want to keep them both current.











Changing Account Information (POP3)

1) Open Outlook, click on the Tools menu at the top, and the select the E-mail Accounts option. Click View or change existing e-mail account. Then click Next.

2) On step 2, select the account you wish to change. When selected, click Change ....

3) You can make changes to your account using the same procedures from step 5 on account setup above.

Exchange Server Accounts

Christwebs only provides POP3 server accounts. However, your organization may be running a local Exchange server which we direct e-mail to. Please contact your organizations IT (Information Technology) department/administrator if you need any additional information about using Exchange.


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