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Basic FTP information
FTP Host Name
Host Directory /


FTP services using Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows

1) Open Internet Explorer and navigate and type in in the address bar.

When you press enter you will either get a login box or a black screen with no files listed.

If you get a blank screen no files listed, you will need to raise the login box automatically. To do this, Right Click with the mouse in the file listing area. Doing this should bring up a context menu. Choose the Login As... option.

2) When logging in you will need to know your FTP username and password. You can also check off if you want your password to be saved. If you have not setup an FTP account, contact us using our Technical Support Form.

FTP Services using Dreamweaver

(Note: this tutorial was made using Dreamweaver MX. If you are using a different version of Dreamweaver your experience may vary.)

1) When setting up you site, select the 'Remote Info' panel and for Access select FTP.

2) When setting up for FTP, type in for the FTP host and a forward slash (/) for the Host Directory. You will also need to provided you username and password. After entering the required information you can Test the FTP login. If you have not setup an FTP account, contact us using our Technical Support Form.


Other FTP Clients

Other FTP clients may vary in there setup, but the Basic FTP Information near the top of the page, along with your FTP account User Name and Password should allow access.

If you are looking for an easy to use FTP client for windows we suggest you look at Web Drive by South River Technologies. It features a Windows explorer-like interface that makes using FTP almost as easy as using your hard drive.



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