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Q: I cannot get to my web site?
A: There may be two issues here. There first is that your internet provider may down. You can for this by trying to visit various web sites. If you cannot view any web pages you need contact your internet service provider. If you can get to other web pages but not your web site that we host, you need to contact us.

Q: I cannot check my e-mail
A: Your e-mail may not be configured correctly or there may be a problem with our e-mail server. If you have a new computer or have changed e-mail software please check our e-mail support page. If you have been receiving e-mail and you get a server error, you need to connect us.

Q: I thought Christwebs was my internet provider?
A: An internet provider provided a connection to the internet, where an internet host provides services available on the internet. To reach an internet service (web host), you must have an internet provider. Christwebs is an internet host for web sites, business applications and e-mail. We have an internet provider (Cogent) that makes our services available on the internet.

Q: How fast is Christwebs connection to the internet?
A: We have a 100 mb connection to the internet. This is 12x faster than road runner.



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