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Just like viruses in the real world, there are computer viruses made and maintained (that's right - they get upgrades) by hackers around the world. Many are like the common cold, and some are as bad as the flu, but every now and then you'll get one that spreads through the internet like a plague, crashing and destroying (causing dollar loss) computers as they go.

  • Keep your computer up to date.

    Both current versions of Windows and Mac OS X offer automatic downloads of critical updates. Make sure you turn this on and keep it on. Most viruses exploit un patched computers.

  • Have good virus scan software.

    Companies such as Symantec, TrendMicro, and McAffee offer commercially available virus as apart of a security package or individually for your computer. We recommend you give AVG Anti Virus Free Edition a try.

Virus Scan is good, but you also need spyware protection.


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