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1) When you set up your web site and e-mail with Christwebs, you are automatically added to our Spam Filter service. Before you can login in to the service to check your messages in quarantine, you'll need to create a login.

When you sign up all you do is enter your e-mail address and we will e-mail mail you a temporary password.

2) When you have your password you are free to login.

3) If you wish to change your temporary password after logging in this is easy to do. Simply enter you temporary password under Old Password and a New Password. After clicking Update Password, your new password should be ready and you can use it the next time you login.

4) When you first login you are presented with a list of all the e-mails you have under quarantine. The List Spam Messages screen serves as central hub for message management. On this screen you can:

  • Delete Selected Messages
    Check off the messages you wish to delete and click the Delete Selected button. You will get a confirmation screen before they are sent.

  • Send Selected Messages
    Check off the messages you wish to send and click the Send Selected button. You will get a confirmation screen before they are sent.

  • Filter Messages
    You can filter your messages by typing the desired word(s) into the Filter Messages text box and clicking the Filter Messages gray button.

  • Batch Message Select/Unselect
    Using the drop down next to Select Task you can batch select or unselect all messages.

  • Show Reject Details
    Using the Show Reject Details checkbox you can optionally show the reason why the message was quarantined.


5) You can also White List e-mail addresses that you want to pass through the spam filter without being quarantined. When you send an e-mail from the quarantine list, the sender's e-mail is automatically added to the list. You can remove the e-mail by clicking Remove in the list.

You can also manually add new e-mail addresses to your white list as well.

6) Lastly, you can set individual preferences on how the spam filter interface works.


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